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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness

Two Months

Olin is two months old today. It's already hard to imagine life without him. We're getting a bit more of his personality coming out:-He loves the clock in our living room. He smiles at it every morning.-He's very strong, already trying to stand on his legs. I can't wait to get this guy in the Jolly Jumper or Go Pod!image-He's a morning person. He gets up between 6:30 and 7:30 most mornings. We get the most smiles right after waking up.-He loves bathtime, and it calms him right down if he gets witching hour fusses.-He likes having either running water white noise or classic rock lullabies to help him go to sleep.imageHe feels a bit more introverted than Breccan, although some of that could be that our busy world takes some adjusting to. I love this little boy so much already, I am so lucky to be able to watch him grow.