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Tulips and Tantrums

imageWe took the family out to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival this weekend. We lucked out, and the weather was very warm but not overly sunny. It was a great day for pictures, so there's some picture overload here! imageimageI saw some varieties of tulips I had never seen before. I particularly liked the "fancy" varieties with raw-looking edges. One day if we get a community garden plot or have a place of our own to plant them, I would love to grow some!imageBreccan had a good time jumping from mud row to mud row. He found a stem that had broken off and carried it around adorably for awhile. Olin was chill as could be in the carrier, and even snoozed while I took his picture.imageimageI had a hard time loosening up and getting in "toddler fun mode". There were weekend crowds, so keeping track of Breccan was a little tough. 2-year-olds don't really understand festival etiquette, like "don't pick or trample the flowers", and "watch where you run", or "don't eat the manure-laden soil".imageimageThere was a big tantrum when he had to leave the sand pit and excavator toys at the end of the day. It always hurts my heart when he tantrums, even at the same time as he's annoying me! I try and remind myself my job with tantrums is to teach him to identify the emotion he's feeling, how to de-escalate, and that emotions are temporary.imageI find it a challenge in these situations to balance toddler fun and "kids being kids" and teaching them respect for rules and not bothering other visitors. I battle my worry about what other people think and my worry about raising respectful, conscientious boys. At the same time, I know they need places to be rambunctious. I also hate feeling like I say "no" or "don't" all the time.imageI think it was a case of too much stimulus and too many people. I had a few moments where I was able to let go, but I think we will try and find a quieter spot for tulips next year.

Riding the Rails

1 Month

1 Month