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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness


We are into the summertime weather early this year. It's only May, and already we have seen mostly sunny days with temperatures in the 20s/70s.I find it much easier to stay in the moment out of doors. Inside I feel snoozy and bored, overwhelmed with all the chores I should be doing but don't like to do and struggle to keep Breccan away from. The mess, the noise, the commotion all grate on my nerves.imageNothing makes my heart happier or my head clearer than days with my boys outside. Breccan's behavior problems, mild as they are, are much better when he has unstructured outdoor time.Whether it's digging in the sand, playing at a park, or tossing rocks into a river, he cannot get enough of it. It's almost like meditation for him: his busy energy is calmed by simple, repetitive action out in the open air.My back and shoulders are adjusting to packing Olin around. He has a few hats that shield his head from the sun, which calms my concerns about his fair skin. With Breccan occupied, I can focus easier on soothing Olin through this fussy phase.imageAs Olin grows, I think time in nature will be a happy medium between Breccan's boisterous energy and Olin's personality, which appears to be more introverted and more easily overwhelmed.

Two Months

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day