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Steveston Favourites

We have been in Steveston for about a month now. I have had a few moments to find some new Steveston favourites. It is a stress relief to be able to enjoy some of the joys of living in this place.Steveston Community ParkSteveston Community Park has a fountain, a train, and lots of bustle. It is a square block of playground and splash park and is surrounded by picnic tables, lawn, trees, a (long-abandoned) railroad track, and the community centre and library. The playground is divided into a few sections that are fun for all ages. The splash park is fantastic in the summer. There is a play train and a ship. The old Steveston street car is housed here, and is free to come and check out. Breccan loves to "take a sun break" and visit the street car. We are easily here 3 days a week, and Breccan can spend at least 2 hours fully occupied with minimal supervision.Steveston CoffeeI am in the process of checking out all of the coffee shops in Steveston (there are tons for such a small place). Spoiler - so far, they are my favourite. They have the right combination of ambiance and authenticity. They have gluten free bread for their sandwiches. They do the one thing that is the mark of a truly gluten-free-friendly place: use 4 slices of bread for a full sandwich. Gluten free bread is so tiny, I always feel cheated if I only get 2 slices but pay for a full sandwich.Violet Hill FashionViolet Hill has beautiful clothing, a great mix of basics and statement pieces. Some pieces are the kind of thing that would appeal to anyone, some are quirkier and only certain people could pull off. While they may not have the range of sizes I'd like, even just sifting through their pieces is good for a bit of fantasy. I am sure I will pick up a few pieces from here when I am not restricted to breastfeeding attire! They have pieces that appeal to all ages too - I went shopping with my mother-in-law and we both found things we would have loved.Prickly Pear Garden ShopI probably stop into Prickly Pear once a week. It is a problem. They have adorable decor and pots, and a great selection of plants. I am really excited for what their fall bulb selection is like - they are technically in stock, but I am in a buying freeze for September, so I am not even setting foot in here until October 1!I feel like I am getting the hang of this place, finding my go-to places. The anxiety of newness goes down every day, and frequent visits to these places really helps me feel like a local here instead of a new transplant!Transition to a new neighbourhood has triggered my anxiety differently than I expected. I expected my worries about not feeling safe to come flooding back. It hasn't at all. Instead, I feel the anxiety of making decisions constantly.Everything is a decision. Where this goes, where that goes, when to do this chore, how to do that chore. For most people those things are easy. For people with anxiety, these things can be paralyzing. Something I have noticed is feeling the stress in my body. Yoga, when I can sneak it in around the boys' meltdowns, has been helpful. But mostly, slowly developing a routine and familiarity with our community is the best thing. Time is the only cure.  

Olin 6 Months

Olin 6 Months

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