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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness


imageFussy baby time! Olin is in a stage where he will not be put down for longer than 5 minutes. He is right at the peak of the Purple Crying phase. I know it will pass, but it's made little household chores much harder to get done. It also takes more motivation, since I have a 10+ pound weight strapped to me.My head feels very chaotic. I putter from room to room, half completing one task, then beginning on the next. I'm always going, but not getting anywhere. Losing track, getting interrupted. I'm physically tired and psychically disjointed. Coffee isn't helping, and I won't have a break for awhile. Breccan has luckily settled a bit, and the weather has been good for being outside.imageNewborns tend to throw routine out the door. For awhile, we were not feeling too affected. Olin was a much simpler baby than Breccan, and Nick was home longer. I'm definitely feeling it now. The answer is, unfortunately, something I always resist: routine.Emily at Our Nest In The City posts a regular feature called "A Day in HER Life". Different women write in and detail their daily routines. Many women are women of faith, and their daily routines always include a time set aside for spiritual reflection, prayer, or reading spiritual texts. This time for reflection is something those of us without a prescribed faith don't often make a priority. My yoga practice fits that for me, as does mindfulness - slowing your mind and taking in the detail of every moment.imageMy favorite days lately are a balance of slow and active. When we get up and have an easy breakfast, but when we also have an activity scheduled for mid-morning so we don't dawdle too much. When it's sunny and we can play at the park or in the backyard. Playing "spot the red car" or passing a construction site on a drive. Having Breccan help make the morning coffee. Life seems slow and often not grand, but there is always something to be done. The contradiction and joy in parenting is that you are doing big work in small moments.Save

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

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