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Riding the Rails

image... Without going off them!We spent a lovely weekend in Seattle with my family. The boys and I came back a day later than Nick, so we took the Amtrak Cascades back.imageBreccan loves trains, so he was super excited. He really loved watching out the window. We passed by the Port of Everett, the pulp mill, and a lot of farms before it got dark. He was happily vigilant for big trucks, especially excavators. In the end, looking at pictures and taking silly selfie passed a fair amount of time.Olin was a perfect angel, sleeping the majority of the ride. He did have one screaming fit during a diaper change, but it was pretty much Murphy's Law that a blow out would happen at the end of a long train ride.imageThe train had a delay, and Breccan got particularly squirrelly at the end. He started yelling "Stop the train!" at the top of his lungs, so I gave him a very stern time out. Not 5 minutes later her started yelling it again, and when I asked if he needed another time out, he said "Sorry, I was just having a poop!"We will probably ride the train again, though maybe not for a little while! A few adjustments I'd make to my travels next time would be:1. Arrive early to enjoy some time at the station and really get to see the train come in.2. Pack some more games or a something new for when B got bored.3. Go in the morning, since even if it isn't daylight the whole time, it is at the end of the visit when the kids are most bored!


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