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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness

Remission Rules

I generally consider my depression to be in "remission", meaning it doesn't affect my every day life dramatically. I have a few rules that I keep to in order to maintain the balance I need to stave off a depression relapse.

  • Get outside every day. Unless you are sick, get outside your home for at least 15 minutes every day. 

  • Only one "fuck everything" day in a row. Everyone has them - days where you wake up and just CAN'T with the world. I have to give those to myself every now and then. But it is so easy for one day to roll into 2,and 2 days to become a week. 
  • Gratefulness every day. I really am lucky and privileged. Positivity really pushes me through self doubt and sadness. 

  • Focus on a moment as often as possible. Whether it's closing my eyes and feeling the sunshine, letting myself be as silly as possible with Breccan, or concentrating on chopping vegetables for dinner, I try and do things slowly and mindfully whenever I remember. 



Olin 5 Months