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Pregnancy Emotions: Coping with Rollercoaster Mood Swings

Pregnancy Emotions: Coping with Rollercoaster Mood Swings


I've been having trouble coping lately with all my pregnancy emotions. This pregnancy, much more than last, has been an emotional roller-coaster. I attribute it to several factors:

  •  life with a toddler and it's constant swing from soul bursting love and laughter to frantic scrambling and frustration
  • pelvic rest (no exercise, no yoga, exercises)
  • gestational diabetes (no chocolate or fun things to eat)
  • being a virus magnet (which is what happens when you're pregnant during cold and flu season)
  • thyroid issues

So basically my endocrine system is all askew. I'm holding it together, but sometimes it feels like a threadbare connection. I'm just having so many mood swings. I will want to cry at the drop of a hat. Then,  just a few minutes later, I feel so elated with life that my heart wants to leap out of my throat.

My usual go-to skill for coping with mood swings in pregnancy is yoga (I love the classes at Fightmaster Yoga and

Keeping my mental wellness intact during all of this has been difficult. I've really tried to focus on my mental health, but with most of my go-to stress relievers out of contention, I've had to come up with more ideas.

Skills for Coping with Pregnancy Emotions:

  • reminding myself that all emotions end
  • removing the power from my emotions, acknowledging that they do not define me
  • pampering myself (at home spa treatments, a few RMT massages)
  • hypnosis videos (I find these help me sleep)
  • distracting with chores or activities

Other things I should try a bit more:

  • guided meditation (I plan to try these while I lie down)
  • focusing on things I can do for others
  • focusing on senses like smell and sound

These things help, but it has been awhile since I've had emotions this intense and this rocky. I know this period will end (and soon hopefully!), it just feels like a big slog to get through. Waiting at the end, though, is a donut, a glass of malbec, a long yin yoga class, and a new member of my family to love and cherish.


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