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Olin 5 Months 

Our little guy is 5 Months old now. He has definitely woken up to the world in the last few weeks! His little personality is starting to shine through. 

  • He loves wrestling with his brother, much to my worry. 
  • He still won't take a bottle. He drinks messing from a cup. We're going to try sippy cups. 
  • He is so mad that he can't move. He is "swimming" to try and scoot himself along. I almost want him to, just so he stops hollering about it. Almost! 
  • He is eyeing our food with such intensity! One more month until solids, and I think he'll be a champion eater. 
  • Like his brother, he gets the giggles right before he goes to sleep. Unlike his brother, he mostly responds to calming measures. 

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