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Mental Wellness Gift Ideas: Last Minute Presents For Better Mindfulness In The New Year

last minute mental wellness gift ideas 2016 has been such a slog for so many people. I am really looking forward to 2017 and practicing more mindfulness. Here are some last minute mental wellness gift ideas for the person on your list that is looking to improve their mental health in the new year.If you have someone on your list that is embarking on a wellness journey, activity trackers are a great mental wellness gift. Being active is key to mental wellness. I have found from wearing my FitBit that my mood is much better on days I get around 5000 to 7000 steps. The Spire takes that a step further (get it!) and tracks sedentary time and breath. I've also found that too much sedentary time is a trigger for little dips in my mood. It would be great to have something that could give insight on that, plus other stress responses. Plus it's a cute, discrete accessory!As much as I want to move things to digital, I've found I need to physically write things in order to process them out or brainstorm. Anthropologie is selling this Happiness 100 Day Planner. What a great way to start 2017, with 100 days dedicated to focusing on  finding fulfillment!For the little on your list, F is for Feelings is my favorite book about emotions for kids. Breccan has a very good vocabulary about his emotions, and I attribute it a lot to countless times reading this book. I also appreciate how diverse the kids in the book are. Emotion identification is an important part of mindfulness, so parents could probably learn something from reading this to their kids.If donation gifts are your thing (I'm donating as part of my  gifts this year), the Trevor Project is one of the highest rated charities. The White Cross Gift Campaign in PEI is an example of a group reaching out to the mentally ill in the holiday season. If you're interested in research donations, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is also highly rated.

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New Year, New Habits: Don't Let Your Inner Critic Ruin Your Resolutions

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