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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness



Sometimes when I'm in a serious funk, or when I'm trying to avoid a funk, I set a goal for myself. Something small, short-term, and measurable. Usually something independent so it doesn't get side tracked by social anxiety.  It gives me the small boost I need to get through a rough time. After I had Breccan, I trained for a 5k run. It was a chance to reconnect with my body and build strength. It was easy to put Breccan in the stroller for short training runs. In the end, I don't care for running, but it was the right goal for the time. Fitness goals aren't the only things, and sometimes they aren't appropriate. Right now I'm doing a "buy nothing" month. Basically, other than things for birthdays/weddings/emergencies, we are not buying anything. I'm attempting to curb a spending binge. Plus it reminds me that I do have the self-discipline to regulate purchasing. Other goals ideas :

  • Reading 30 pages a day (of books, not magazines or blogs) 
  • 30 days of yoga every day
  • Do 2 things for charity every week
  • Meditate every day
  • 200 words a day of writing 

It's about baby steps. This is not the time for multistage, Gant-chart level projects. These goals are small things that challenge just enough, but offer some pleasure or self-soothing, if only we'd focus enough to make them a part of our daily lives. Things that part the fog of depression and that redirect the hum of anxiety. What kinds of goals have you used to keep yourself out of a funk or relapse? 

Breccan's 3rd Birthday 

Remission Rules