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Chasing adventure & living mindfully while parenting through mental illness

Breccan's 3rd Birthday 

Birthdays are just as big of a celebration for the parents as for the kids.  I can't believe I have kept someone alive, happy, and healthy for 3 whole years. What's more, my little B is beyond funny, so kind, and so smart. I am so proud of this little boy, and the wonderful personality he is developing. 

  • He loves any and all vehicles. Planes, trucks, motorcycles, construction vehicles, boats, you name it. He corrects me when I get a vehicle wrong. 
  • He makes me laugh at least 10 times a day from his jokes. He is always looking to make people laugh. 

  • He is so self-possessed. He is perfectly happy to play by himself, but will talk to a new person without a moment's hesitation. I feel very "mama bear" about protecting this trait from being torn apart by mean people in the world! 
  • He is very much a mama's boy, always wants to cuddle, and needs me when he is hurt or sick or sad. It is a very special bond, and I am grateful for it. 

  • He is such a good big brother. He hugs and kisses Olin, baby-talks to him, and shares his toys very well. I love seeing the beginnings of their relationship, and I know they will be good friends. 

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