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Find Out Which City In Bali Fits Your Travel Style?

Find Out Which City In Bali Fits Your Travel Style?

I have been seeing some good deals to Bali, and I'm telling you it took some serious restraint not to book. It's been only 5 months since we went to Mexico, but I'm getting the travel itch again already. I've been dying to head back to Bali for a little dose of paradise (and nasi lamak with jamu to drink). Unfortunately, our budget doesn't really allow for it, so I'll have to settle with reliving our Bali adventure, and dream-planning future trips! 

Despite its small size, the different areas of Bali all offer a little something different. We stayed in Jimbaran, which was a good jumping off point to explore different areas. We got to see a little of everything. In future trips, I will probably opt to do a deeper dive into other areas. Depending on what kind of trip you want, a different part of the island will be your paradise.

(I'm not including Kuta on this list, because you stay in Kuta if you're a 19-year-old Australian on a boozer holiday with your sorority/frat. Most of you, my dear readers, are too cool for that).

If you're looking for a swanky surf break…


...stay in Balangan Beach.The resorts here are on the cliff overlooking a great surf spot.

Serious paradise at La Joya resort

Serious paradise at La Joya resort

The resorts here are on the cliff overlooking a great surf spot. There’s great by-donation yoga at La Joya resort, you can find them at Balangan Yoga Love. Balangan Beach is a little off the beaten path, so be prepared to take a little extra time getting places. Also, there is some drama between Uber drivers and local drivers, and the locals have driven Uber out of the area. Take that into consideration when planning your transportation.

If you're looking for an arty and spiritual jungle retreat…


...stay in Ubud. Yeah, you'll feel a little Eat, Pray, Love cliché falling for this place, but it's worth it. The art markets here are unbelievable. When I go back, I will stay here just to be able to explore them more.


One of the more touristy art markets at There’s yoga everywhere (including the famous Yoga Barn), and fantastic food and cocktails (for the fanciest cocktails, check out Night Rooster. If you're spending top dollar, their whiskey shelf is basically Nick’s dream collection). If I had visited Ubud in my 20s, I never would have come back; it is that perfect mix of artistry, nature, alive, and decay that makes for the best cities. In Ubud, you’re a short distance to the rice fields, to Goa Gaja, and to Mount Agung (which was literally erupting the day we were there).

If you're looking for an upscale hipster holiday…


...stay in Seminyak. The Aussies and vegan eateries abound. We ate at Nalu Bowl, and it was delicious (the beet ketchup was phenomenal!) You'll probably see some white-girl-dreadlocks, but don't let that throw you off. There are some really great ethical shops around here, like BaliZen (who also have yummy hand pressed coffee!). And if you’re wanting in on some upscale yoga, there’s the Seminyak Yoga Shala. If you're looking for "the next thing", head up the beach to Canggu, which is "so Seminyak 5 years ago". 



...stay in Padang Bai. The beach here was TO DIE FOR. I swear, it was like being in an actual postcard. The traditional boats line the beach to take people on snorkeling and diving trips around the area. The ferry that leaves from here will take you to the Gilli Islands, Lombok, Nusa Penida, and other East Bali snorkeling sites. Padang Bai is tiny, so an alternative is to stay in Sanur. I loved the feel of staying in a small place to get a sense of Bali's renowned village life. 

My next trip to Bali, I will probably split time between Padang Bai and Ubud. I might also do this yoga retreat in Canggu. I will probably also try and hit up more of the north and east of the island, since we didn't make it there last time. It is well worth the long flight over there, especially if you keep an eye for deals. 

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