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About Brie

Brie is originally from Seattle, WA. She moved to Vancouver in 2002 to attend UBC. In 2006, after many battles with depression and anxiety, she suffered a severe emotional breakdown.

Brie completed an intense Dialectical Behavioural Therapy program with the Evidence Based Treatment Center in Seattle. The skills she learned in that program took her from complete emotional collapse to self-aware functioning. She credits the program with saving her life, as it helped her control paralyzing anxiety, emotional dissonance, and chronic suicidal ideation.

Brie has been a writer her whole life, and she studied European Literature and History with the intention to travel and write after graduation. Alas, the combination of family illness, more mental health struggles, meeting her future husband, and adopting their dog in 2007 changed that plan. Brie and her family travel frequently around of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. Though home base is Steveston, BC, they consider themselves truly Cascadians.

Brie became a mom in 2013 to her elder son Breccan, and welcomed her younger son Olin in 2016. Motherhood shakes everyone to their core, and she found herself relying on those DBT skills once again. The longer she is a mother, the more she gains confidence in those skills, and the more she wish to share them with other mothers.

Brie has developed a passion for translating the work of Marsha Linehan and other DBT Practitioners into methods that work for busy moms. She also shares tips based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety. She is also concerned with helping mothers find their identity outside of motherhood by remaining in touch with their adventurous, free-spirited sides despite the routine of family life. Through Happy Go Mama, she is able to share her successes and struggles in personal discovery and self-care.